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15 Things You Should Do Before Changing WordPress Themes

Changing WordPress themes is a very common habit of a WordPress users. Sometimes we need to change WordPress themes for many facilities and features. But for common WordPress users it is very general to not follow the easy way to change. So i will suggest all WordPress users to make a checklist before change WordPress themes.Changing WordPress Themes

Changing WordPress Themes

1. Use Comments

Many WordPress user google their problem and find some solutions and then customize their WordPress theme.But most of them forget where they paste the customized code, because people have a tendency not remembering them. So I think before customizing any code you should use comments in your code. So if fallback later you can remove it or fix it.

2. About Sidebar

When you change a WordPress theme you should take care of your sidebars. Remember widgets and place all widgets on your new theme. If you have customized something in sidebar in your old WordPress theme then replace the code on your new WordPress theme also. And before changing WordPress theme check your new WordPress theme is sidebar compatible or not.

3. Do Not Lose The Track

So many WordPress user use google analytic for tracking their visitor. They integrate analytic by editing in footer.php file. When they change theme and old footer.php is not active then their analytic also does not work. Then they think something is wrong with their site or blog. So before changing WordPress themes you should replace your analytic, adsense and such codes to your new theme.

4. Don’t Lose The Feed

Lot’s of user use feed burner. It is a very important tools to keep watching a blog. So you have to integrate it with your blog correctly. You should check that your theme support that the default RSS feed URL /feed/ is redirecting to your Feed Burner. If not then you will also lose keep tracking about the visitor. So you should have check this that is in your theme.

5. About Backup

I think before changing WordPress theme you should take a full backup of your current ones. Because you should not lose anything. Perform a backup about themes, plugins, media, posts and pages.

6. Under Maintenance

Use a maintenance page when you change the WordPress theme. Because when you are changing then visitor will see broken pages. I think you don’t want to see a broken page on your blog. It is kind of reputation matter. Once you have done then disable the maintenance mood.

7. Testing All Functionality

After activation a new theme you should test all the function is working fine. At first check all the plugin function is doing well and the formatting is same. Now from the Step 1, You should keep the checklist in front of your eye and check all the things one by one.

8. Cross Browser Compatibility

You have to check your site theme is cross browser compatible. browser have a tendency of rendering things differently. There are so many people use internet explorer and it render thing differently. So you have to check your theme is compatible with Internet Explorer and some other browsers. Make sure that all browser can access your website with a good performance.

9. Third Party

If you are using google adsense or another ads network then they have given you formatting your ads facility. So if your previous blog color set is orange so your link and ads format will be also orange. But if your new theme color set is blue then you should change the color set to blue. Like this you should the color set of your other buttons and social buttons to match with your current color set.

10. Notify Users

When you will activate maintenance mood then visitor or user will come and go back. Some can check after sometime, but most of them will think to check later. So if you are done with your maintenance then notify your user and ask them to report if they see any bugs. It is a best way to get bugs from users after changing themes. because different users use different OS, browsers and screen resolution. So it will be easy way to notify users and find the bug.

11. Useless Plugins

If you have a plugins for something and your new theme also have the facility by default. then I think that plugin is useless and you should deactivate that plugin. But before deactivating please check the formatting is better or not. Otherwise you will lose your loved ones.

12. Baby Step

You are working with a new theme and you are new with these codes. So do not make a huge change on your theme code. At first change a little bit then check that working or not. If working then change a little bit. It will be perfect if you customize your theme code step by step.

13. Loading Time

Always test your site loading time. It is very important to your users and search engines. And always compare current loading time with previous loading time. You will get higher ranking if your site load fast, otherwise not.

14. Bounce Rate

Monitor your site bounce rate. It is very important to search engine. If visitor come to your site and go back within a second then google will think you have no important content on your page and penalize you. So keep important content and monitor your bounce rate. Google Analytic is the easy way to keep monitoring on your bounce rate.

15. Suggestions

Listen to your readers and visitors. It will make you more easier to be a hero. What they love and what do not listen to them. And try to make some changes. When you change the theme readers will see some new features and is that attractive or not people will tell you. Hope good feedback from your readers will inspire you and bad feedback will lead you to make good ones.

Hope these checklist will help you to make better. Do not forget to like and comment below.

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