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6 Kinds of Foundation, Which Is Suitable For Your Skin?

The foundation is an important component in makeup. The main role is to make the skin color look more evenly distributed and so that the powder can really stick perfectly to the face. Various kinds of foundation provide more suitable benefits for the type, but we also have to be smart in dealing with its weaknesses. To make the discussion more exciting, I will start with the most common type of foundation!

1. Foundation


The Foundation is in the form of liquid, stick, spray, oil-based, and cream. But the point is still the same, besides leveling the skin color, the foundation has a medium to full cover power. Thickness can be adjusted as we like as long as the right dose and leveling technique are mastered.

Suitable for those of you who have blemishes and black spots. The disadvantage is that foundation is prone to oxidation, when used too long, the color of the foundation can be darker than our original skin.

The way to deal with this is to choose a shade foundation that is slightly brighter than the skin color, so that when oxidation does not make the face look dull, then finish with powder that is the same color as the skin to make it look natural.

2. Two Way Cake

Two Way Cake

Two Way Cake or TWC is a formula that contains foundation as well as powder. The way to use it is to wet the sponge, pour it into TWC, then flatten the entire surface of the face. TWC is a cheap and practical choice for those of you who don’t want to be complicated to touch up, because bringing a product can give a matte finish.

But the use of TWC minus can make facial skin dehydrated. When dehydrated dry skin will become rough and oily skin will become more oily. The solution before using TWC use a hydrating serum primer, or spray protect the mist periodically when using makeup.

3 Cushion


The packaging and method of use are almost the same as TWC, because it is equipped with glass but the cushion is actually liquid. Cushion that provides good cover power usually comes from Korea, so by having a cushion from a famous brand it is not impossible we can get a smooth face like the artist Kdrama without the addition of powder.

But the cushion often runs out quickly, while to buy a refill takes a long time because it has to buy from an online shop. You can try opening the cushion from the package, then look at the bottom if there are still few products left. Even though there is a little bit of the rest, but can you use it while waiting for the refill to come?

4. BB Cream

bb cream

This is also still an adaptation from Korea, but many local brands have provided it so it’s easy to find. BB Cream or Bliss Balm is a foundation with the lightest formula of the others, suitable for teenagers whose skin condition is still good, safe to use when acne.

BB Cream helps make the skin look healthier because it contains minerals in it, but remember never to leave your true skincare. Because makeup is still makeup. Think of the minerals contained in BB Cream as a bonus, not as a substitute for skincare.

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5. CC Cream

CC Cream

CC Cream is an abbreviation of Corrective Care which means repairing and treating. CC Cream can be an improvement from BB Cream for adult women who begin to have many skin complaints.

Suitable for everyday use for those of you who are healing acne because in addition to the mild formula can also prevent further inflammation. Unfortunately CC Cream has limited shade, so it will look less natural for brown skin.

But if you still want to use CC Cream, you can also leave it covered with powder that is darker than CC Cream shade.

6. DD Cream

DD Cream

DD Cream is an abbreviation of Dynamic Do-all, which means doing all the tasks dynamically, both covering imperfections, holding powder, and inhibiting aging. DD Cream is certainly very popular because it can disguise fine lines.

But some brands can easily wear off especially if your skin is oily. So you have to look for DD Cream that has the best quality to ensure its durability, don’t forget to use a primer that can hold oil so that makeup doesn’t fade quickly.

By choosing the right foundation for the skin, the quality of the ordinary powder will look better because it sticks perfectly. Make sure you choose a foundation that suits your conditions and budget, huh!

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