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7 Secret Habits of Happy, Healthy Women 2019

You know those women who always seem to be perky and perfect? Well, here are the 7 secret habits of happy, healthy woman. You’ll know how to instantly have more energy, vitality and happiness by the end of this article.

We’ve all been there, right? Up early in the morning, chasing kids, rushing to get out of the house, and run, run, run for the rest of the day.

It’s exhausting!!  And at times, a bit depressing as well. Want to give yourself an instant pickup? Then get happy!   It has been found that happy women are healthier. Here are 7 habits that healthy women have:

1-Give your honey a hug.

Little acts of kindness, like cooking a favorite meal, a sweet text message or an sweet touch all help us to see ourselves as kind and supportive partners. A Swiss study showed we get a bounce in self-image even if we don something nice our spouses don’t notice.

2-Be grateful.

By counting your blessings, you give a big boost to your mental health. A New England study reports that keeping a daily gratitude list reduces anxiety as well as therapy does.

3-Engage your spiritual link.

Take deep breaths, admire nature, reach out to someone,  say a prayer. When people perceive their spiritual life to be stronger, they are happier and feel better about themselves.

4-Eat chocolate.

The trick is to know which to choose. Have dark chocolate to fight depression and if you are feeling high-strung, you will get the best results from nibbling on a chocolate wafer.

5-Draw a line between your work and your home.

Detach from work when you leave and get on with your real life. Set limits, like don’t check e-mail after 8 o’clock. Turn off your phone at bedtime or at least leave it in the other room, not by your bed. These will help to reduce your stress.

6-Be your own best friend.

People who love themselves have skills that help them find comfort and joy. They have lots of self confidence.  They treat themselves like they would their best friend and they forgive themselves when they mess up.

7-Get fit in 40 seconds!

It has been found that if your add two 20 second bursts of hard breathing, in what ever exercise you might do, be it walking, riding your bike, or swimming, you can get away with a 10 minute exercise! YEAH. What motivation. That should make anyone happy.

If you practice these everyday, or whenever you like, you will have a big lift in your happiness level. And in turn, in your health as well!

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