June 30, 2022

About Us

About Us Infotinfo

Hi Friends, We have started InfoTinfo blog website in July 2020 and the main purpose of InfoTinfo to share the information on different topics among the you guys.

As Owner I like to read a lot and from the beginning i want to create my own blog where i can share the all the information with you.

This thing kept going on in my mind for the next few days and I think about the blog. Till then I did not know much about the blog, but I started studying about the blog again and then slowly started writing on some important topics in English, Then I shifted to wordpress in July 2020.

InfoTinfo is a nothing but the free online information which is understood by any common people because of simple English . InfoTinfo has the same goal to discuss on issues and topics in easy to understand language and to describe technical problems and in addition to this I have some experience related to SEO / blog with me in less words. explain By not using high level English language, it is our endeavor to explain technical topics in easy-to-use English language. Here we also try to explain the topic in minimum words, you will find that the length of the topics is short. By the way, it is said that the larger the size of the article for SEO, the better it will be for the SEO of that page, but I try to discuss and explain the tech definition and issue here at least in words.

Thank you very much. Contact me – [email protected]