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Be Your Own Pro When You Apply Makeup

When some one is going to beauty saloon or doing your makeup yourself, be your own when you Apply Makeup because when someone applying too much makeup on her and she cant be her own she is looking a change person , so I am going to give some hints on applying your makeup like a professional would from the professionals themselves.


Apply the base with your fingers, and then rub your hands together. Now press your palms to your face. The warmth from your hands helps to spread the makeup so it looks perfectly blended. – Ally Ron cal, makeup artist

To disguise a double chin, apply a layer of foundation or matte bronze two shades darker than your skin under your chin, shading our any jowl. Finish by blending toward your neck with a sponge or brush. – Marin Malawian of Laura Mercer Cosmetics

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Hold your three middle fingers firmly together and dip them into blush– creams work best. Swirl from the apple of your cheek up toward your temple. The edges will be seamless. – Carmine, makeup artist and author of Crazy Busy Beauty


For soft definition, put the very tip of your piney into a dark shadow and gently run it into the lash line with small back and forth motions. If your lashes wiggle as you do it, you’re doing it right. (I have not attempted this. I have very unsteady and unpredictable hands.) – Rachel Wade, La Prairie colour Ambassador


Dip the pad of your pinkie in a light-colored shadow and place at the inner corner to brighten and open the eye. This digit is the perfect size for the job. – Eric Salas, makeup artist


After swiping it on, push in the formula by patting with our finger. This allows the color to settle into your lips so it lasts longer, bleeds less into fine lines, and looks effortless. – Molly R Stern, Cover Girl makeup artist

I hope that these tips are helpful for you. I have not tried them all, but see if they work for you. These are directly from the pros. They should know. Just remember to do your own care routine first. If your skin is not cared for, your makeup will not look as good as it should.

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