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Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog

WordPress is the most widely used publishing platform today. Its popularity can be mainly attributed to its ease of use and functionality, which make it extremely user-friendly even for beginners and non-techie people. Because of this, and entire WordPress plugin ecosystem has also come into existence to complement the ever growing demand for a more flexible platform. And with these plugins, the WordPress platform’s usability is made to be more efficient and helpful for the webmaster and Internet users as well.

WordPress Plugins

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins that are free to use in the WordPress platform. These can be found by going to the website and downloading the particular plugins that you intend to use for your blog. The plugins are saved in ZIP files to your computer; you can then upload them to your WordPress blog by going to the Plugins setting. You will then need to activate said plugins so that you can start using them.

All in One SEO PACK

This is probably the most popular and most used SEO plugin today. Webmasters install this on their blog because it can help their website and their articles show up in the search engine results. Basically, it makes your blog and your posts SEO-friendly. Just make sure that this plugin is enabled as soon as you upload it, so that it can start working for your site. You also need to fill in some of the description boxes so as to make it efficient and functional.

You will see that there are 3 blank boxes with the following titles: Home Title, Home Description, and Home Keywords. Put your website’s name on the Home Title so that the search engines can distinguish your site from all the other existing blogs on the internet. The Home Description, on the other hand, can be used to let your audience know what your website is about. So you can use this space to put your blog’s main categories. And if you are using keywords for your site, it would be good for SEO purposes if the main keywords are included in the Home Description box too. As for the Home Keywords, you can put your main keywords, alternative keywords, and other related keywords in this slot.

There will also be a box underneath every post for this SEO plugin. By filling up the title, description and keywords, your article will be indexed and ranked faster in the search engines. So as you can see, the All in One SEO Pack works not only for the blog itself but for the individual posts too.

XML Sitemap

This plugin doesn’t need a lot of configuration once it’s set up. All you need to do is activate it, and you’re done. This plugin serves as a map for the search engines like Google and Bing to find your website. Your blog and posts will be seen by Google, Bing, and other search engines through this map.

Your site map will have the following track: Now this is a very important plugin as you would want to be noticed by big search engines like Google. By installing this on your blog, Google bots will not find it hard to go to your website to see all the latest updates with regards to posts and articles.

WP DB Back Up

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you haven’t experienced losing your site’s content due to crashing and other web hosting problems, then you might not find the need to install this plugin. However, this is a very important part of your blog as it acts as a backup for your contents and files should anything happen to your website. It is therefore advisable to install this plugin order to have peace of mind.

You will be presented with a lot of options when you go to the settings page of this plugin. You can choose the manner and delivery of back up; so you can opt to save the back up on your server or on your computer. You can also choose to have the back up delivered to you via email. This can be set to once every hour, once a day, twice a day, or once a week.

WP Policies

Installing this plugin will make your website or blog Google and FTC compliant. It contains such pages as Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Anti-Spam Policy, Email Policy, Link Policy, Terms of Use, and Testimonial Disclaimer. These pages can be shown on the footer of your website, or you can also choose to place some of them (e.g. Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc.) at your top navigation bar for greater visibility. These pages will make your site more credible so that people will trust your contents and endorsements.

This plugin already contains formatted and pre-made pages. So all you need to do is enter your website’s name on the space provided. Some other information like your location and email address may also be required. So just fill in all those spaces with the right information before saving them.

Secure WordPress

As the name suggests, this plugin works in securing your WordPress blog. It removes error information and other damaging aspects on your website so as to protect it from being banned or labeled suspicious. Non-admin users can also be blocked from making any unauthorized changes with regards to your site’s theme and contents. This plugin can therefore make your blog search engine-friendly, while also enhancing user experience by facilitating a faster load up time and an error-free environment.

You really don’t need to do anything with this plugin’s settings once is it downloaded and installed on your blog. Just make sure that all the options on the settings section are checked so as to guarantee maximum security for your blog.

There’s a Plugin for Your Every Need!

There’s basically a plugin to provide for all the needs of webmasters, and all you need to do is to search for them by going to the website. You can also access the WordPress plugin directory by going to the plugin section on your blog. You can then search for plugins by name or by functionality. The result will then be presented to you with details as to their creation date and description. You will also see user ratings; so you can use that as a guide in determining the usefulness and efficiency of a particular WordPress plugin.

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