Apply Makeup Beauty 

Be Your Own Pro When You Apply Makeup

When some one is going to beauty saloon or doing your makeup yourself, be your own when you Apply Makeup because when someone applying too much makeup on her and she cant be her own she is looking a change person , so I am going to give some hints on applying your makeup like a professional would from the professionals themselves. FOUNDATION Apply the base with your fingers, and then rub your hands together. Now press your palms to your face. The warmth from your hands helps to spread…

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Getting Healthier Beauty Science & Health 

Getting Healthier–Quick and Easy Ways

Getting healthier can be accomplished by running marathons, always eating only a green salad for lunch, doing yoga everyday, becoming a health nut. But who can do all of this? (I know that I am not always disciplined.) Is there an alternative that can help us in getting healthier, without staying up at night worrying about how to be healthy? You can take small, more manageable steps that will fit into your life style that are quick and easy. Adapt these suggestions at your pace, when they are convenient for…

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Look Years Younger As You Age Beauty Science & Health 

Look Years Younger As You Age

Getting enough rest is very important. The skin shows it, when we are over tired. Figure out how much sleep your body needs, and make sure that you do not deprive yourself of rest. If you are short of time, you can actually make up your deficit by spending extra time sleeping. This is important! Sleeping on a neck roll can really help to prevent marks on your face in the morning. These marks may go away during the day, but they do cause damage to the skin over time. …

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Skin Care at night Beauty 

5 Intensive Care At Night To Keep Your Skin Young Don’t Miss

Why must you give up on the condition of an aging face, if we can keep him young? Anti-aging treatment is a type of treatment that aims to inhibit the signs of aging on the skin. Many beauty brands are competing to offer anti-aging products to meet the needs of people will keep their skin young, like Wardah who issued Renew You with an interesting slogan, “You like Stop Time.” Also read: 6 Kinds of Foundation, Which Is Suitable For Your Skin? If anyone says, anti-aging products cost a lot, they…

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Beauty Science & Health 

How to loss Weight Fast in 3 days – Weight loss

Start Weight loss in almost 3 days. Increasing weight, Bulky belly, extra fat , Almost Everyone facing that problem because of Cold Drinks, Fast Foods. We are giving you best and reliable tips for your slim and smart body. People are being advised to do all sorts of crazy things, mostly they are just no evidence behind them. increasing weight is very easy but decreasing is too difficult. The tips we’r give is based on Experts sayings and lots of search.. Also Read: How To Lose 7 Pounds In 5…

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Makeup face Beauty 

6 Kinds of Foundation, Which Is Suitable For Your Skin?

The foundation is an important component in makeup. The main role is to make the skin color look more evenly distributed and so that the powder can really stick perfectly to the face. Various kinds of foundation provide more suitable benefits for the type, but we also have to be smart in dealing with its weaknesses. To make the discussion more exciting, I will start with the most common type of foundation! 1. Foundation The Foundation is in the form of liquid, stick, spray, oil-based, and cream. But the point is still the same,…

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hcg Beauty Science & Health 

How to Lose Weight with HCG Drops

The HCG diet plan is a diet program that involves the use HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. The diet uses either injectable HCG or HCG drops for losing weight. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone that is produced by pregnant women. The hormone plays a part in the nutrition of the fetus and triggers the mobilization of fat stores once there is a shortage of glucose in the body. The Essentials of the HCG Diet The HCG diet only has two components. First is the HCG drops…

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