Salt Addiction Science & Health 

Salt Addiction

Did you know that the US government is readdressing the guidelines on sodium? The new thinking is that adults should consume no more than 2/3 of a teaspoon a day. This means that most people are over dosing on salt, getting at least twice that amount. But “I don’t add salt to my food” you say. That is the least of your problems! Processed and packaged foods are the biggest culprits, which use salt for flavor, for color and texture and to prevent spoilage.  About 80% of the sodium in…

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Wrinkles Beauty Science & Health 

Be Independent from Wrinkles

Independent Day is coming. That means different things to different people. I want to be independent from wrinkles!  I never want to look my real age! Therefore I use products that help to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that might appear, and I use products to give my face a firm lift. Call me vain, or call me silly, I really do not care.  I know that my skin appears to be much younger looking than I am. Heredity plays a part in how our skin ages, but if…

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Take Years Off The Body Beauty Science & Health 

5 Ways to Take Years Off The Body

Take years off the body.  Is your body showing your age? Not just laugh lines and crow’s feet give away your age. Thinning hair, veiny legs, and droopy boobs cause your body to speak out.  You can take years off the body, with some simple tricks.  Here are 5 smart ways to change the clock without having to spend a fortune. Way 1)  Sun-Damaged Skin  Freckles were cute when you were a kid, but they were really early signs of sun damage.  So are broken capillaries around your nose and cheeks, wrinkles…

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Reinforce leg strength Science & Health Sports 

Reinforce leg strength

One of the better strategies to increase your game is usually to have got a higher leap which might only be achieved if you should accomplish leap better workouts. If you should practical knowledge issues in carrying out this, you would like to not be bothered for there’s simple physical exercises that may assist you jump greater. This may be undertaken very easily by all by yourself or whilst you use jump larger sneakers. Although these give faster success, these are not essential for your next procedures. Just one hassle-free…

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strengthen leg Science & Health 

Methods to Strengthen leg

This brief direct will provide you with plyometrics vertical work to strengthen leg outs that happen to be by far the very best routines to produce you leap bigger. In spite of which activity you perform getting ready to increase jump height is important towards your successes if you ever want to be the top at your specific activity. Plyometric vertical work outs are superb work outs to boost leap peak because these are meant to boost the energy of your respective muscle tissue to enable your whole body to…

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Healthy Women Beauty Science & Health 

7 Secret Habits of Happy, Healthy Women 2019

You know those women who always seem to be perky and perfect? Well, here are the 7 secret habits of happy, healthy woman. You’ll know how to instantly have more energy, vitality and happiness by the end of this article. We’ve all been there, right? Up early in the morning, chasing kids, rushing to get out of the house, and run, run, run for the rest of the day. It’s exhausting!!  And at times, a bit depressing as well. Want to give yourself an instant pickup? Then get happy!   It…

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Manicure Beauty Science & Health 

How to get Beautiful Hands at Home – Manicure

Good looking nails help to make your hands look beautiful and draw attention away from any sun spots or wrinkles that they may have. What are the steps to take to have this? Some of these tips I have already said in previous posts, but I think it is worth repeating. Nail Shape Start with the nail shape. If your cuticle bed is round or oval, don’t make your nails square or pointed. That does not flatter your hands.  (Feet are different. They should be cut straight across to prevent…

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