Introduce Yourself Confidently in an Interview

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself at a job interview in good manner, fearless in easy simple steps in English is much more then saying your name. Have you guys ever wonder that despite have all the details about yourself in resume but employer  still prefer to Start a session tell us about yourself or Introduce yourself?
Yes! They directly hear from interviewee mouth by giving chance to tell the story of your life in own words
Because you know the best about yourself! Right?
First impression can play a major role in how employer perceives you as a candidate.

There are many articles that are telling you to introduce your self in confidently way but ill tell you one thing first before you are going to read this that you should prepare your self in front of mirror keep practice until you thing you can do well now. You should thing that you have nothing to loss so be confident i said confident not over confident may your self well prepare for your interview, introducing your self in front of your class but be confident.

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Introduce yourself  by Say Thank you:

The first step in introducing yourself is to say thank you, you can simply start with that thank you to providing me an opportunity to introduce myself or you can say thank you for short listing me for interview.while talking with interviewer make eye contact with him/her.



When ask to introduce yourself make sure to mention full name in style and sense of pride which would ultimate reflect your confidence level. The most common mistake my experienced candidate make.

  • My self Michael Smith.
  • My self Abhishek Malhotra.  Its incorrect. The best way to say it.
  • I am Michael Smith or
  • My name is Abhishek Malhotra.




Now you’r going to Introduce yourself, tell about birth place or home town. The point is that not to describe place by just its name instant of that should tell interesting facts about you place, you can make sentence like that. I’m native of the capital of United State of America Washington D. C, I’m born and bond up in he big city of United state of America New York



While telling education, degrees to interviewer you must highlight the most recent one to words end in interviewer notice like if your graduate you must tell about high school degree and graduate degree. The question is over here What should we mention?

Name of institution
Disclose the percentage marks (if you scored well)
Awards & Accolades
Major subjects
Extra-curricular activities



Well facing Question like this, How many years of experience you bring along with you? Or How many year experience you have in this field?
So if you have some kind of experience mention that or if you are fresher mention internships or training programs undergone.

Like, I bring along with 7 years of experience with me in financial sector of JJ bank, I start my journey as an RSS enterprise as general cashier as my last assignment im associated in NN back as HR.



We all know about our strength, but when its time to tell someone in an interview be smart telling the strength like

  • I’m friendly
  • A good cook
  • A fast runner

Is incorrect, because telling this strength are not relevant to job your applying for and they don’t really matter to employer. The best case is that to understand job responsibility your applying for and find your strength relevant to that. For example: You are applying for manager job in organization mention your strength

  • A problem solver
  • Good team player
  • Goal oriented
  • Multi-tasker


Step- 7


Are you serious? Telling the weakness to employer! by telling weakness to employer he/she thinks you are honest with him/her telling your weakness in smart way like,

I can’t say No to people.
I believe that I’m quit open.

While talking with employer you have strong story of anything that you mention in your introduction.
We wish you best of luck in your introduction, tips of introduction is that be confident, make eye contact, be honest, say what you want to say about in good manner or smart way, because you have noting to lose so be smart.



Team Info Tinfo.

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