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Are You at Risk of Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement is a serious offense; and it can get you and your website in trouble if you get caught violating this law. Because of the seriousness of the crime, search engines are taking part in cleaning the system too. So you might find your blog or site suffering the consequences if you violate copyright laws while practicing your Internet Marketing methods on the World Wide Web.

What Can Happen to Your Websites

If you are found violating other people’s copyrights, your search engine rankings can suffer tremendously. In fact, your website can even get de-indexed, and that means that it will no longer be found on the Internet. While you can access it through its web address, visitors will no longer be able to find it through normal searches on the search engines. So this will surely result in zero income and conversions.

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Reusing Other People’s Content

If you intend to use content from other people or websites, you need to ask for the permission of the author or owner first. Otherwise, it will seem like you are stealing content. If you really can’t obtain permission for the material that you want to use, like an article for example, you can just re-write it in your own words and add some of your own ideas to it too. If you can’t do that, it would be better to not use the article or reference at all.

Find Materials that are Free to Use

Another thing that you can do is to find materials that fall under the Public Domain category. Since these are made available to the public, you can use them without getting any permission from anyone. There are also those that have licenses under Creative Commons; and these are free to use too, as long as you follow certain rules and regulation. There are articles, videos, photos that you can copy and modify as you wish; but you may need to credit the owner or author of said materials. So as you can see, while you are free to use these sources, you still need to read the guidelines as to their proper usage.

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Copyrighting Your Own Materials

Your website has its own built-in copyrighting technology, so you are protected from copyright infringement too. Everything you publish on your web pages are yours, and you have exclusive rights to these. That’s why you should only be publishing original content on your publishing platform as owning up to things that don’t belong to you is a violation of someone else’s right.

Copyrights for All Internet Users

Content theft is indeed quite rampant today, so it’s only proper that you protect yourself and your works too. Having the copyright statement clearly stated on your site will deter would-be violators from getting contents from your website without asking for your permission first.

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