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Cyber Squatting How to Avoid It

Protecting your online reputation nowadays is quite challenging. The best thing to do if you own multiple domains that are earning is to watch your back! Cyber squatting is the art of registering a domain name similar to other popular sites with a ghastly intention to benefit from it. The other term for cyber squatting is typo squatting. A cyber squatter would register a domain like addidas making it appear as if it’s a typo error. In order to protect your trademark or reputation, you must be vigilant in fighting against cyber squatting. Here are some tips you can use to avoid being victimized.

Trademark Registration

What better way to protect your reputation than registering your trademark legally? Yes, the first thing to do to avoid cyber squatting is for your trademark to be registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This agency administers the laws associated with patents and trademarks. Through this government agency, you are assured that your trademark is yours alone despite of millions of domain names being registered and renewed annually. It is also advisable to register your company’s tag line and logo as your trademark.

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Early Renewal before Expiration

It is highly recommended to renew your domain name ahead of the expiry date. There are cases when you forgot to renew your domain thus allowing other people to register it under their name once found available. Worst case scenario, even domain registrars might find your domain interesting and once it expires they will keep it. Remember, domain registrars run a business for profit and they’re main existence is to keep records of domains registered to them.

Register Domains in Bulk

Some online business men tend to register their chosen domain name after they’ve constructed their full business plan. This practice is wrong, even if you’re not sure of the domain name you want, you must register bulk domains to lessen the chances of cyber squatters in registering a domain name similar to your site. Of course, you need to register domains that you might possibly use for your business. Register the names as soon as you can identify them in different variations.

For example, if you want a domain name of “” then you must consider registering extra names with hyphens such as “”, ‘” and a lot more.

Consider Multiple Extensions

Aside from multiple name variations, another way to fight against cyber squatting is by considering to register your name in different extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .biz and a lot more. You must not limit yourself from any possibilities therefore if you’re also planning on going globally, you must not fail to consider country code extensions such as .uk for the United Kingdom, .ph for the Philippines, .jp for Japan and whatever country you plan to conquer online

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Correct Domain Ownership

Because you are a busy online marketer or entrepreneur, you leave all the domain registration processing to your most trusted IT. This practice may lead you to lose big bucks! Although you trust your IT, he might register the domain ownership to his name. You can never tell when he will leave your company. If so, then you’re in big trouble because whatever happens, he will be the legal owner of the domain.

Invest Wisely

Choosing a domain name is critical especially if you’re venturing in an online business. It is wise to invest on your domain name for you will never know when a cyber squatter will attack your online reputation. They might even hold your trademark hostage and there’s nothing you can do but pay the ransom. Invest wisely and be clever in protecting your online reputation.

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