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Email Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing

Whether your business is online or not, Email Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing
most companies will always come to a point of choosing the best marketing strategy available. This is why brainstorming is frequently done in a business; it allows the company to explore the best possible ways to market their products and services yet at the same time being cost effective. Between email marketing and mobile marketing, I must say these 2 strategies are great on their own ways. So let’s compare the 2 strategies and vote which among the 2 is the best.

Cost Effective

Creating an email account is less expensive, in fact there are some email service providers offering this service for free. If one chooses email marketing as a tool to market their products and services, email is inexpensive. No fee is to pay and you can send your promotional emails, business letters or newsletters everyday to your consumers. On the other hand, sending SMS requires payment. There are also mobile service providers willing to send out dozens of SMS to your consumers but for a fixed price or whatever payment method they use. Therefore, email marketing is way cheaper and cost effective as compared to mobile marketing.

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Both email and mobile marketing has the ability to reach a large base of audience. Both strategies are great if you want to reach the public and those consumers abroad. The question is which is faster and more effective in reaching the audience? Email marketing has its disadvantages and one of which is to sit in front of a desktop or a laptop to be read by consumers. Some consumers has mobile Internet where they can surf and check emails, but what if the user doesn’t have mobile Internet?

Then your marketing strategies are limited. Now, for the mobile marketing SMS can be read in an instant. No need to have an Internet to open a message from the company. Mobile marketing reaches the audience real time for most mobile users bring with them their mobile phones anywhere they go; the bedroom, the toilet, the car or anywhere you can imagine. Therefore, mobile marketing has the edge in terms of reaching a large base audience.


Marketing is considered to be effective only if your target consumer reads your message and check it. In order to measure the effectiveness of both strategies, we will rely on the possibility of the consumer to read the emails or SMS. Email marketing uses email to reach out. Unfortunately emails has spam boxes that automatically spam some messages from unknown senders or those with attachments.

Taking this into consideration, there’s a chance that your email will be junked or ignored for several days thus making email marketing less effective. For mobile marketing, mobiles are being used to market products and services. Because people are so connected with their mobiles, every time it beeps the initial reaction of the user is to check who is it from and what is the message all about. Now, it’s obviously an advantage if one uses mobile marketing for it excites users in reading your message and there’s no spam box! Therefore, mobile marketing is way more effective.

The Verdict

Based on the above comparisons, we can therefore conclude that although mobile marketing is not as cost effective as email marketing yet the return of investment or ROI is promising. Both strategies are great yet only one must prevail to deliver the needed result you need in your business. Mobile marketing obviously is an edgy tool in marketing products and services, you may spend money a bit yet the benefit you’ll gain is more than expected.

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