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Fiber Optic Tools That You Should Have

You need of fiber optic tools for installation and maintenance of fiber optic cables. The different types of tools that you need for your job are:

Amendment Tools:

From its name, these are the tools that you use for melting the optical fibers together. There are many types of tools that you can go with him. They include: the merger of the amendment optics knife, a hot oven, the fiber of the felling of protection, sleeves, and other. There are two types of amendments you can use: mechanical and fusion welding. In the amendment, mechanics, use of welding tools to perform two ends of the fiber optic cable that allows the passage of light from one fiber to another.

In fusion welding, a machine can be used to align the fiber ends and, then, combine welding, soldering, or glass ends with an electric arc. This blending method is the preferred by many as it produces a solid connection between the fibers, thus ensuring that very little light is lost.

Fiber inspection tools of

They are used in the production and troubleshooting of fiber optics. As well as the other units, the optical fibers of develop problems and you have to identify the problems for the units forward to operate effectively. There are many aspects of the cable that you can try. You can test the amount of energy that the cable is transmitting, breaks in the cable and any other aspect that you may be interested in.

There are many test tools that can be used. You can use: with default locator, optical identifier, optical power prick, and optical time-domain reflecto meter. For optimal results when testing the optical cable, you must use the appropriate tool for the test you are interested in. Different test tools require different testing procedures; therefore, you should understand how to try an effective way for you to get optimum results.

Cleaning of the tools

For the optical cable to spread the light effectively, you must be free of dirt, oil, dust, and other contaminants. The main areas that need cleaning of connectors and washers. When cleaning, avoid touching the cable with his bare hands. This is to prevent contamination of the cables. You should also reduce the likelihood of damage to the ends of the cable. Best products to clean these areas are alcohol and wipes. You should be careful when cleaning and make sure that you don’t damage the wires in the process.


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