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Fibrous Healing and Muscles Injury

Here is a new approach to reduce and eliminate adhesions that form aft muscle injury. These adhesions may occur between muscles fibers, different muscles, and fibrous tissues that envelops and separates muscles (fascia). Adhesions can form wherever damage or inflammation occurs after muscle injury. Injuries often result in the tearing of one or more layers of fascia.

As a result of the healing process, a binding of one layer of fascia with another or to other tissues such as bone or muscle may occur. In addition, when the cell walls comprising tissues are injured, the body responds by increasing the amount of interstitial fluid in the area. Often this swelling is accompanied by pain. The cells that mend the connective tissue, fibroblasts, produce collagen fibers. These are the same fibers that comprise fibrous connective tissue such as fascia and tendons. The fibroblasts creates collagen fibers, much like cobwebs, that bind several layers of fascia. The resulting adhesions reduce stretch and flexibility. With reduction of stretch and flexibility, there is a greater chance of injury.

As a result of over training as a professional acrobat for Romanian Circus for 25 years, I suffered with an imbalance of muscle development. From this imbalance of muscle development and performing with injured muscles my body created many fibrous adhesions. Subsequently, I was confined to a wheel chair for several years. Only after many sessions consisting of deep muscle massage and specific massage techniques, I was able to walk again. In addition, I overcame the unconscious inhibitions against the use of the injured areas in my body. With my knowledge of the human body through acrobatic feats, my wheel chair confinement, and Massage Therapy certifications, I have helped people from severe scoliosis to the professional athlete.

Mihai Pauna was born in Bucharest, Romania. He trained and performed for the Romanian Circus between 1965 and 1991 were he was known for his one-arm handstand. He formed the first Acrobatic of Alberta Association in Canada and he has worked for the Los Angeles US gymnastic team as a massage therapist. He received his Massage Therapy Certifications at Massage School of Santa Monica, in Santa Monica, CA and Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, CO.


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