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Getting Healthier–Quick and Easy Ways

Getting healthier can be accomplished by running marathons, always eating only a green salad for lunch, doing yoga everyday, becoming a health nut. But who can do all of this? (I know that I am not always disciplined.) Is there an alternative that can help us in getting healthier, without staying up at night worrying about how to be healthy?

You can take small, more manageable steps that will fit into your life style that are quick and easy. Adapt these suggestions at your pace, when they are convenient for you. You can go forward quickly with them, or do one at a time, until it becomes part of your everyday routine.


If you commute to work, experts say that anything longer than 20 minutes has a negative impact on your well-being.   So, instead of moving, what can you do?  Cut back on caffeine before you leave the house, and wait until you get to work to have that second cup. Caffeine can cause stress and increase anxiety.

If you are driving to work, get some relaxing music and listen to this on your Ipad or CD, on instead of the news, or lively music.  You can also listen to  audio books.  This will help you to reduce any up-tightness or even road rage.

If riding, consider this time as a mini break.  Do deep breathing, meditating, or again, listening to relaxing songs, rhythms and tones that slow your breathing and hear rate.

If you try these techniques, by the time your commute is over, you will go into work with a good, calm attitude, free of the stress that often develops during your trip.


By using just these two words, if and then, you can keep it together in stressful times. According to research at the University of Winnipeg, Canada, if you re-frame thoughts about a situation with if and then statements, this can help you manage fear, sadness, fatigue, self-doubt, or even disgust.  They suggest you try this: Think of a challenge your are facing.  That is your if clause, (example, “If my sister pushes my buttons…”).  Then decide what kind of positive response you would like to have.   That’s your then clause “…then I will keep a cool head and not respond”).  Put them together and that is what you can tell yourself to make stressful circumstances more manageable.  Give it a try.   I have found it can help. (I can easy get drawn into button pushing!)

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Moving throughout the day improves your cognition and the lymphatic system.  You are designed to move.  Don’t have everything within arm’s reach.   Take every chance you can to add extra activity into your day.  Stairs are as good as a StairMaster.  Research published by the American Journal of Health Promotion suggests that short periods of activity really add up.   They found that those who got short bouts of exercise (from 1 to 10 minutes) through everyday activities experienced the same benefits, including lower blood pressure and cholesterol, as did those who continuously exercised for 30 minutes.

So, get up from that desk, walk around the office, go to someone desk instead of calling them, leave your phone on the other table so you have to get up from your chair to answer it.  This all adds up!


Walking outside is more that just exercise.  Research from the University of Michigan has found that being in nature can improve cognitive function.   An hour long walk in a shaded park can improve performances on memory and attention tests by as much as 20 percent. Also, some Japanese research shows that a day spent in the woods can improve immune function and decrease concentrations of adrenaline and cortisol for as long as a week.

Fortunately for me, I live in the country and I can experience this first hand everyday. I know that when I start to feel stress, if I walk outside for a while, it immediately helps me to calm down.

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You can also join a group like MMB60, which offers training on taking care of the body and the mind. The expert advise and coaching  from people like Thomas Tadlock, Elaine Love, and Dr. Sharon Levy Stills, to name a few, is exceptional.

These are just a few of the things that you can work on to improve your health. Baby steps done consistently can make a giant step in the long haul. By doing these things, you will find that you are improving your overall beauty too.  Good health reflects in your appearance.

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