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Google Adsense Alternatives

Making money with a blog is the main reason for which people start blogging. Most of them are new in blogging and their ultimate dream is to get approved by Google AdSense. But the reality is quite different. In fact, it is not easy to get approved by Google AdSense. It is also not easy as well to earn money through Google AdSense even after getting approved by it.

What would be your reaction if Google rejects your application for Google AdSense account? Of course, this will be very disappointing for you. But don’t lose your heart. There are various other platforms for earning online. You can use them as Google AdSense alternatives. Some of them can even give you more revenue than you could have made with Google AdSense.

Here are some of the advertising programs that you can use as Google Adsense alternatives:


Chitika is one of the best Google AdSense alternatives. It doesn’t offer image-based banner ads rather, it supports text-ads. The similarity between Chitika and Google AdSense is that it pays its publishers on a pay per click basis.


Amazon is also a good platform to earn online. It doesn’t give you pay per click, but it offers an affiliate program. You earn commission for the purchases made by someone you refer to Amazon. In order to earn more with Amazon, you should focus on selling the products that are costly, i-e, above $100. The percentage of commision depends on your performance as a seller.


Infolinks is the top most Advertising program that is used as an alternative for Google AdSense. Infolinks turn words or phrases in your content to clickable links. All text based websites and blogs can earn handsome revenue using Infolinks. You just need to generate huge traffic on your website in order to make money with Infolinks. If you want to earn though Infolinks, you need to apply for an Infolink publisher account and within 24 hours you will get their approval.


Clicksor offers you the opportunity to earn extra income by simply clicking on the ads placed on your website by Clicksor. Not only does it offer banner and text ads, but it also provides pop-up ads. If you have sufficient traffic on your website, Clicksor can be the best way to earn income, because it gives you 0.02 cents per click. If you don’t have an approved Google AdSense account, you can use Clicksor as an alternative to Google AdSense.


If you have a website or a blog with huge traffic, BuySellAds can be the best alternative to Google AdSense. In order to earn money through BuySellAds, you need to create some space to place ads on your website. Advertisers will bid for that space and directly buy your ad space. They will send you payment through BSA. You can withdraw your earnings through Paypal and there is no restriction on minimum withdrawal.

There are a lot of other networks that you can use as Google AdSense alternatives. You just need to know which platform is the best alternative to Google AdSense that can give you real income.

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