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Healthy Morning Breakfast Sprouts

Healthy Morning Breakfast Sprouts

Always start your day with good breakfast which makes your day full of energy. In today’s busy life that we often do not even have time for ourselves. So irregular eating, fast easting in morning as breakfast can lead to many problems.
So always try to make habbit of breakfast in the morning. Not just simple breakfast but with all important nutrition ingredent in it. So In this article we are seeing the what are the avialabel option for healthy Morning Breakfast Sprouts.

Also benifits on body if you include helathy breakfast in your morning routine. As healthy breakfast is important, especially because it is supposed to keep you energised till lunch time. A good breakfast also boosts your metabolism and keeps your blood sugar levels stable.

What is Sprouts :

Sprouting is process of germination of seeds and legumes, wherein they are soaked in water till they sprout and eventually eaten raw. There are a number of grains which can be used for sprouting. But the most common ones include pulses such as soybean, peas, moong dal, chickpeas, oilseeds etc. Sprouts are generally consumed raw, but may also be lightly cooked before you eat them.
Many different types of seeds can be sprouted.

Why Sprouts :

Sprouting tends to enhance the nutritional value of the grains, legumes or beans. These contain certain anti-nutrients including phytic acid which locks up important minerals. It also inhibits our digestive enzymes that can cause indigestion and intestinal gas. The young sprouts have 10 to 100 times glucoraphanin which is an enzyme that protects the body from cancer causing agents. Further, it provides antioxidants and increases the activity of chlorophyll which helps in detoxifying your body by boosting the oxygen levels in the body.”
Benefits of Sprouting

Sprouting increases the level of minerals and vitamins including vitamin D in the ingredients. In the book, Diet & Nutrition – A Holistic Approach, author Rudolph Ballentine explains that most of the gas producing starches can be eliminated by sprouting. Sprouting also increases the protein content, and shortens the cooking time of legumes. During the process of sprouting, some of the stored starch in the legume is used up for forming the tiny leaves and rootlets and in manufacturing vitamin C. Here are some health benefits that will convince you to sprout more often.

Healthy Morning Breakfast Sprouts Options :

Bean and pea sprouts:

E.g. soybean, mung bean, black bean, kidney bean, green pea and snow pea, lentil sprouts.

Vegetable or leafy sprouts:

E.g. radish, broccoli, beet, mustard green, clover, cress and fenugreek sprouts.

Sprouted grains:

E.g. brown rice, buckwheat, kamut and oat sprouts.

Nut and seed sprouts

E.g. almond, radish seed, alfalfa seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed or sunflower seed sprouts

Benefits of Healthy Morning Breakfast Sprouts :

  • Helps in digestion
    Sprouts contain an unusually high content of living enzymes. These enzymes further help in boosting your metabolic processes and improve chemical reactions within the body, specifically when it comes to digestion. Enzymes help break down the food effectively and enhance the absorption of nutrients by the digestive tract. Sprouts also have a lot of dietary fiber which regulates digestion. Basically, fiber bulks up the stool, making it easier to pass through the digestive tract.
  • Boosts blood circulation
    Sprouts help in boosting your blood circulation by maintaining your red blood cell count with significant amounts of iron and copper. This further helps in supplying oxygen to various organs and cells to optimize their performance. Sprouts tends to repair capillaries to get strong and thick hair too. A healthy blood supply is a good stimulant for hair growth. It helps generate new blood vessels and increases circulation to the scalp and follicles.
  • Helps in weight loss
    Sprouts are one the best foods to help lose weight. They are high in nutrients but have negligible calories which means that you can consume sprouts without worrying about the weighing scale. Furthermore, sprouts contain a high amount of fiber that makes you feel full for a longer period of time. It also inhibits the release of ghrelin, a hunger hormone that indicates our brain to eat more

Benefits of Sprouts

benefits of Sprouts

  • Builds your immune system
    Sprouts have a high vitamin C content that makes it a powerful stimulant for the white blood cells in the body to fight off infections and diseases and thus, building your immunity system. It also has abundant vitamin A. Vitamin A has a number of antioxidant properties that make a great source of immune system strength. Make sure you sprout well to reap the maximum profits.
  • Improves eye sight
    Vitamin A has been associated with the improvement in vision health. Due to the presence of vitamin A, sprouts also help in improving your vision and eye sight. They also have antioxidant agents to protect the cells of the eyes from free radicals. So load up on more sprouts to ensure seeing a bright world out there.
  • Heart friendly
    Sprouts have omega-3 fatty acids which help in boosting good cholesterol (HDL) levels and reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in your blood vessels and arteries. Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the excessive stress on your cardiovascular system. The presence of potassium helps reduce blood pressure levels, further reducing the risk of any cardiovascular problem.
    heart diet

Sprouts with Eggs :

Sprouts with eggs
  • Helps reduce acidity
    Sprouts are alkalizing to the body. They help regulate and maintain the pH levels of your body by reducing the level of acids. It is known that many illnesses including cancer are associated with excess acidity in the body. Include sprouts in your salads to ensure less acidity from citrus fruits. (Also Read: Foods That Will Keep Acidity At Bay In Summers)
  • May prevent premature ageing
    Sprouts are said to have abundance of highly active antioxidants that helps prevent premature ageing. It is known to prevent the DNA destruction that is also a cause of ageing. Moreover, the antioxidants present in the sprouts help combat cell damaging free radicals that can cause premature ageing. So eat more sprouts and include them in your daily diet.

  • Promotes Hair Growth
    One of the benefits of eating sprouts is that they stimulate sebum production in the scalp and protect your hair follicles. Eating sprouts can also prevent thinning and premature greying of hair.
  • It Can Repair Your Skin
    Sprouts have anti-ageing properties and are very good for your skin. If you want youthful and glowing skin, sprouts are your go-to food. This is because of their huge amounts of B-complex vitamins which aid cellular regeneration and skin repair. These nutrients can help unclog your pores, prevent wrinkles, and boost collagen production which keeps the skin glowing.

Nutritional Value of Sprouts :

Vitamin C13.7 mg
Vitamin E0.1 mg
Vitamin B60.1 mg
Folate 63.4 mcg
Calcium 13.5 mg
Iron0.9 mg
Magnesium 21.8 mg
Phosphorus 56.2 mg
Potassium 155 mg
Sodium6.2 mg
Copper 0.2 mg
Zinc0.4 mg
Dietary Fiber1.9 g
Omega-6 fatty acids43.7 mg
Manganese 0.2 mg
Selenium0.6 mcg

Proper way to Consume Sprouts :

Eat raw sprouts. Don’t cook them as cooking will destroy the nutrients in them. Wash the sprouts well before eating them. You can steam the sprouts as steaming will retain the nutrients. However, don’t fry or roast them.
Sprouts are one of those foods that go best with salads and appetizers. You can even buy sprouted grain flours to use in cakes, sandwiches, risottos, and much more. When you add millet to sprouts flour, you can even make your own fresh bread.

There are various culinary uses of sprouts and you can even sauté Brussels sprouts using butter. If you’re planning to steam them, you can use a vegetable steamer or just lightly steam using an inch of boiling water in a cup. The best way to steam is to steam for two minutes, uncover the lid to get rid of the smell and finish by covering the pots and simmering for 15 minutes until they turn tender.

Conclusion of Healthy Morning Breakfast Sprouts :

 The main benefit of having Healthy Morning Breakfast Sprouts, which is full of all required nutrition in it. Not only helps you to maintain your body healthy internally but also helps you to relieve mental stress and anxiety. Also you can add your favorite things in it, just to mix it up. So that you can enjoy your breakfast.  

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