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How to Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

Your website’s landing pages may already be converting well. But wouldn’t you rather have it to convert even better? If you can just make some small changes on your landing pages, it could result in an increase in conversion rate which could spell additional hundreds and even thousands of dollars each month. That will depend, of course, on the type of product that you are selling as well as its price. So we are not aiming for any unreasonable expectations here.

Using the Split Testing Method

When utilizing the split testing method, you will need to look at the analytic details of your landing pages. By finding out which search terms and keywords are frequently being targeted by your visitors, you can make some changes on your original page to maximize on the search terms’ profitability.

You don’t have to implement big changes all at once when using this method. Small incremental changes are all that’s required so that you can observe the results more accurately. So when your first test is ready to be implemented, you can create an alternate version of the original landing page and set this up within your website too. You will then see which page is actually getting more visitors and converting well and the keywords that are bringing in your site’s traffic.

Upon getting the final results of your split testing method, you can then delete that landing page that’s getting a lower conversion rate. And voila! You now have a better converting landing page that can bring in more income to your business.

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Page Tester Method

Internet Marketers who are using the WordPress publishing platform can also make use of a plugin to split their pages and posts automatically. The nice thing about utilizing this tool is that you don’t need to be techie in order to implement it. As with most plugins, there are no special coding required when setting this up; and it even has an easy to follow interface that’s easy to program.

The way that this plugin works is that you have to decide which page is to be tested. The WordPress plugin will then duplicate the post and edit it so as to create a variation with regards to the keywords and keyword phrases embodied within the articles. And as with the manual split testing method, you will get to choose at the end of the testing period which post is going to be retained on your website.

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Better Conversion Means More Money

It may take a little while to do the tweaking when testing landing pages. But it’s all worth it as you can end up with a more profitable online business if you always employ this method. Remember, any increase in your site’s conversion rate will result in higher income that you will regularly benefit from.

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