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5 Intensive Care di notte per mantenere la pelle giovane Da non perdere

Perché è necessario rinunciare alla condizione di un volto di invecchiamento, se siamo in grado di tenerlo giovane? trattamento anti-invecchiamento è un tipo di trattamento che mira a inibire i segni dell'invecchiamento sulla pelle. Molte marche di bellezza sono in competizione per offrire prodotti anti-invecchiamento per soddisfare le esigenze delle persone non mancherà di tenere la loro pelle giovane, come Wardah che ha emesso Rinnova È con uno slogan interessante, “Ti piace Stop Time.”

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Se qualcuno dice, prodotti anti-invecchiamento costano un sacco, they are not really true. When we just realized that the skin has a lot of wrinkles at the age of 30, maybe we need anti-aging products that are a little expensive because the skin problems are already severe. But if we can prevent aging as early as possible, that is with local products that are affordable. Because local products generally have a formula that is not too heavy, so it is safe to use by users in their 20s.

The following are 5 intensive treatments that you should not miss at night if you want your skin to stay young.

1. Double Cleansing

Cleansing the face sometimes can’t be solved just by face wash. There are always remnants of waterproof makeup and dirt after washing your face. Perciò, it is very important for you to clean the skin properly in two stages. The first stage, use first cleansing such as: Milk Cleanser, Cleansing Oil, Micellar Water, Cleansing Balm. I personally prefer milk cleanser because besides the items are easier to find in the minimart near the house, the milk cleanser also feels softer and easier to lift by cotton.

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2. Hydrating Toner

As we age, our skin will dry easily. Especially for those of you who often sleep accompanied by air conditioning is very likely to occur dehydration of the skin. Using hydrating toner after washing your face can prevent your skin from drying out, so if it is routinely used, the skin will become more supple. My favorite Hada Labo which contains hyaluronic acid is able to maintain moisture in the skin. Because Hada Labo is a Japanese product, naming hydrating toner uses the word lotion . Jun Ji Hyun, a Korean artist who starred in the drama The Legend of The Blue Sea, was once an ambassador of Hada Labo. In Indonesia, Hada Labo can be purchased in stores with affordable prices.

3. Night Cream

Night Cream is made more receptive, can absorb up to the deepest layers of skin. At night, the skin absorbs more than during the day, so that by regularly using night cream, the skin will be more moisturized. Many of the local brands have provided anti aging night cream, one of them is WardahRenew You. I’m not tired of it, I urge you not to buy concoction cream from online, which is not clear. Even if they are in the name of a doctor, if they are traded online, then the concoction cream is no longer a doctor’s cream. Local products are clearly much safer than fake products.

4. Nourishing Night Oil (NNO)

NNO is oil based skin care from Mega We Care. PT Mega Lifescences is an international pharmaceutical company that has been supplying skin supplements to Indonesia, and now issues NNO as a supplement. What are the contents of this NNO?

Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant that prevents skin damage from free radicals. Vitamin E does not cause oily skin of the right size. Vitamin E contained in NNO is natural non-synthetic vitamin E, so it is believed to be faster than vitamin E from other products.
Jojoba Oil: prevents dehydrated skin by locking moisture. Jojoba oil also acts as a stronghold for the skin from external threats, safe to use sensitive skin.
NNO has been registered with BPOM and the halal Islamic Germany Center certificate. Può essere ottenuto presso la Natureve Shop per 74,000 contenuti di 30 capsule (per 30 volte attualità).

5. la mascherina di sonno

Non tutte le maschere possono essere prese a dormire, tranne che per le maschere di sonno. Dormire prodotti maschera può essere gli artisti coreani a mantenere la loro pelle giovane. Song Hye Kyo all'età di 35 sembra ancora 25 anni perché lei utilizza diligentemente la maschera di sonno da Laneige. Per i prodotti stessi Laneige, se possono essere superati 500 mille per la piena imballaggi. Ma non preoccupatevi, è possibile salvare budget con l'acquisto di punte di esempio o di prova, or from Etude House in the range of 100 thousands. Use a sleeping mask once a week or more if needed. If you want to use sleeping mask, I usually don’t use night cream and face oil.

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It turns out to keep skin young is not easy, eh. But if you can beat the feeling of being lazy to take intensive care before going to bed, it is not impossible to get younger. Let’s make valuable time as an investment in the future!

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