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SEO Lessons for Hardworking Internet Marketers

A lot of Internet Marketing lessons and techniques exist today, but the most basic ones are often neglected and overlooked. This should not be the case, as the success of your online business depends on some of the most important practices that may not seem that significant, but are actually essential to increase your website’s profitability. And if you keep on ignoring the basic rules that have been founded since the beginning of online marketing, as well as the new rules that have come up, you might find your business entity always struggling for survival.

Bad Effects of Duplicate Content

Whatever you do, don’t put duplicate contents on your website. Make sure that all your articles are 100 percent original and unique as having “dupes” will really put a negative connotation on your site as far as the search engines are concerned. So you might not even rank well for your original content if your web pages are already tarnished with duplicate contents.

If you are outsourcing the article writing part of your online business, it would be good to always check on the articles that are posted on your website. Not all writers are honest; and sometimes, they copy and paste from another source.

Duplicate content is really a big issue in online businesses as this is considered plagiarism and copyright infringement. In fact, your site can get penalized even if you have permission from the original writers. That’s why you should really be careful about the contents that you post on your website.

Just One Source of Traffic?

Another common mistake among Internet Marketers is being overly dependent on one traffic source once they find something effective. That’s why the Panda and Penguin updates affected a lot of sites, since their webmasters only depended on Google as the main source of their traffic. While the biggest search engine can indeed increase your website’s earning potential to the max, it can also cause your downfall when it decides to update its algorithm, so beware of that. That’s why it’s also important to get your traffic from forums, social media, etc.

Writing with Passion

Don’t forget your readers too! While keywords and SEO practices are good in ranking your posts, your articles should be readable and of good quality in order for your audience to really appreciate them. Otherwise, they won’t convert, and you will still have minimal income even if you have a lot of traffic.

So how can you make your articles interesting and compelling? For one, you can pretend that a lot of people will be reading your piece, so this needs to be informative and beautifully written as well. Having this frame of mind every time you write an article will ensure that you are not merely focusing on keywords, but in the quality of your post as well.

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