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Link Building Strategies for Bloggers and Companies

Do you want to know the most current link building strategies for bloggers and companies? Link Building Strategies for Bloggers and Companies
Did you know that the search engine giant Google changed its ranking strategies over the past year?

We will present some simple link building methods that can be used and can be implemented by each one of you. These link building strategies will only work if not abused. If used incorrectly, you can be heavily penalized by the search engines. We all want links that are simple to obtain, and we want those links to rank us better in search engines. It would be too easy, don’t you think?

Mistakes during the Link Building Process

Thinking too much about search rankings while forgetting other factors.
Thinking too much about the volume of links and not the quality of the links. Quality links are much better than the ones obtained in large quantities.

There are many cases, in which the highly ranked articles in search engines had less links than those of their competitors.
Thinking too much about the search engines and how you can “trick” them into ranking your content highly.
Thinking about the competition and about the fact that they are ahead of you.
Thinking how you can achieve high search engine ranking results overnight.

We don’t want to give you an impression that links are impossible to get, or that you can’t get good links that will ensure good search engine ranking. Here are some of the best secrets on how link building strategies for bloggers and companies are done.

Create Relationships with Other Bloggers Create Relationships with Other Bloggers

The best links are those that you obtain by making connections. Such links are hard to get, but are long lasting. Should you have a blog, you can make a list of blogs that you read all the time. Comment the articles that you like when you think that you have something important to add.

Bloggers are happy when their audience participates in the conversation. However, before posting a comment, it will be important to read the comment policy of the blog. This is because behind any blog, there is at least one person, who must approve the comment. You need to be allowed to place links of your blogs in your comments, and this can only be done if the blogger likes and approves you.

Find major bloggers on the Social Network Find major bloggers on the Social Network

The next step is to find major bloggers on social networks, and distribute their work, if you consider their work of high quality. Don’t over react with comments and interactions, as it will look like spam and you will be penalized. Nobody comments every day on the blogs that he or she follows. There is a code of good manners on the Internet, which is based on relevance and moderation. The main idea is to construct long term relationships, not to suffocate the blogs and the social networks with links to your website.

Subscribe as a blogger to communities and services that monitor the success of blogs. Here, you can find the Twitter addresses of the best bloggers. You can subscribe your blog to many services, which can bring traffic as your authority grows.

Advanced Searches for Blogs and Forums that Are Relevant to Your Niche

Another strategy is to look for “top blogs” in the niche where you are active. You will certainly find lists made by other bloggers, who can be contacted directly. If they like your writing, they may add you to their lists. You can use advanced searches like “allintitle: keyword blog”. It is a matter of inspiration after all! For instance, a mother who wants to obtain links from mommies’ forums could look for “forum+”, “mothers”, “parents” or other words related to the subject.

Social Link Building Social Link Building

Look for groups on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. For bloggers, some Facebook groups have more than 5000 members. If your articles are of quality, think how many people you can attract on your blog. The strategy is called Social Link Building, and it can bring you many visits if you are active. Being active does not mean to be aggressive. Participate to those group chats with other useful resources, not only with your articles. You have probably realized that it is all about content. If you don’t have content and you don’t have something interesting for visitors, change the strategies immediately.

Participate on Forum Discussions Participate on Forum Discussions

Although this method is reserved for bloggers, participating in forum talks is a method that is easy to use and very efficient for companies. All the niches have their related forums and it is advisable that you should look for the most relevant ones. Even as you do so, never forget to get quality links. Some forums allow you to post a link and a signature in threads, but this does not mean that you will make an account only for links. Link building is an integrated part of the branding efforts. The benefits will only be significant if you participate and you help other members.

The purpose of those channels is to solve problems, and this is what you must do. Moreover, the generated traffic will be of high quality, and if you respect all the rules, the risks of being penalized are greatly reduced. As such, this is a great method when it comes to reducing costs because you just need a dedicated person to communicate in the name of your company.

Local Listing

Another good Link building strategy for bloggers and companies is the use of local listings. There are many pages where you can list if you have a local business such as a pub or coffee shop. An advanced search on Google that would help you is “related:” where you can look for “pub+city” or “restaurants+city” and other combinations connected with your business.

Press Releases Press Releases

Press releases are also a great way in which a person can perform link building for companies and bloggers. Using this method, companies are able to publish press releases on dedicated websites. Some press release websites publish news, novelties, and even marketing ads. Publish your quality content there. This has to be unique, and to respect the structure rigors, language and arrangement.

This method means higher costs, but you will obtain links of quality from strong sites. The possibilities of being penalized are also reduced. We must tell you that this process is time consuming, so you should take a few weeks only for this part of optimization.

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