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Look Years Younger As You Age

Getting enough rest is very important. The skin shows it, when we are over tired. Figure out how much sleep your body needs, and make sure that you do not deprive yourself of rest. If you are short of time, you can actually make up your deficit by spending extra time sleeping.

This is important!

Sleeping on a neck roll can really help to prevent marks on your face in the morning. These marks may go away during the day, but they do cause damage to the skin over time.  I have a difficult time with a neck roll, due to my arthritis, but I found that sleeping on a satin pillow case really made a difference.  It seemed silly to me at the beginning, and I purchased a very inexpensive one to try, but I found that my face looked much better in the morning, and so did my hair, an extra bonus!

Make sure that you cleanse your face every day. Using a washcloth to remove the cleanser helps to remove the dead skin cells as well.  If you do nothing else, always apply a moisturizer every morning.  This applies to any skin type.  Do not think because you have oily skin you do not need it.  You do (We will talk more in a future article about different skin types and their special needs.)

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Before you go to bed,  make it a steadfast rule to cleanse your face.  This is very important to remove any makeup that might clog your pores, and all of the soil of the day. I cannot emphasis how important this single step is!

It is important to keep your hands from your face.   They add soil and grime that gets ground in.  Also, we often lean our face on our elbows, and this can causes wrinkles to form from stretching the skin in the areas that we rest our hands. Makeup will enhance your beauty.

Most department stores have counters with specialists who will work with you to help you learn the latest trend in makeup.   They will give you a make over at no cost.  This can be important, so that you know what the current look is, and you do not look dated.  It also helps you realize how lovely you can look.

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As you age, it is important to spend a few minutes each day looking your best. A simple makeup routine takes very little time and it can work wonders to help you look and feel younger. When you look good, you naturally feel better.

There is more to our skincare than just our face. Other parts of our body play a part in our skin care, too.  We need to take care of the entire body,  so that we don’t give away our age with skin on our hands, feet and other parts of our body.

Don’t forget to care for your hands. They play a big part in showing your age.  Simply by caring for them with products that reduce spots, and keeping them moisturized, with daily care you can make your hands look years younger.  Wear gloves when you do household chores and the kitchen cleanup.  If you have a hard time wearing gloves, as I do, at least put a product on your hands to protect them from harsh chemicals.  Keep hand care products on your window sill in the kitchen, so that you remember to use it after doing the dishes or other cleaning around the house.

Your neck and decolletage area needs special care. Make sure that you use sunscreen on this area to protect it from damage.  When caring for your face, make sure that you extend your products down from your face. Use extra cream on your chest to avoid the wrinkled appearance that it can get.  Always use a moisturizer on your body when you get out of the shower or bath, while the skin is still moist.  It will absorb the product better at that time and you will get much more benefit from it.

Lastly, don’t forget your feet!  You want to be beautiful from head to toe!  Feet get tired from the stress we put them through. If you have time, use bath salts to stimulate the circulation, decongest and promote healing. A pumice sponge will remove the rough skin and calluses.  Use relaxing cream to relieve tension, soreness and pain, or a gel to instantly relief your feet and legs.  Do you have diabetes?  If so, use a cream especially designed for the care of diabetic feet.

With all of these hints you will be well on your way to beautiful skin!  Please feel free to comment and add your suggestions!

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