Pedicure per l'estatebellezza 

Pedicure per l'estate

Con questo essere weekend del Memorial Day, it makes me think of the kick off of summer.That reminds me that I will be wearing more open toed shoes and sandals and exposing my feet to the public. It is time to get our feet looking and feeling their best.

Prendersi cura dei vostri piedi è qualcosa che si dovrebbe fare tutto l'anno, ma è particolarmente importante nei mesi estivi, perché sono più esposti agli elementi e li trattiamo più ruvida rispetto al resto dell'anno.

Ho usato per andare al salone e hanno pedicure, but I found them to be stressful and worrisome. Many people think of this as a time to relax, but for me I was never sure who was going to be working on me and what skill level they had. It seems as though the salons who offer fast foot care do not make appointments for any one worker, but instead whoever is free is who will take care of the customer. I also worried about the sanitation of the tools and equipment. This is an important factor when having work done on your feet, come infezioni possono essere molto dannosi.

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Cosa cerchi in un salone? First off, check to see the cleanliness of the workstations and how the tools are sanitized. It is perfectly acceptable if you ask any questions you might have, e con tutti i mezzi, lasciare se si dispone di alcun disagio.

Non permettere al tecnico di tagliare le cuticole, as they act as a barrier to protect the feet. Have them pushed back instead. Cutting the cuticle exposes your body to viruses, batteri e funghi.

Anche se potrebbe stare bene, vasche idromassaggi per i piedi sono molto difficili da sterilizzare, as the germs and dirt get into the jets. It takes time to get them clean, and often there is not enough time between clients to sufficiently sanitize them. If the salon uses whirlpool tubs, essere il primo cliente della giornata, after the equipment has had the night to soak clean. It is much better to have the technician use a metal tub to soak your feet in, in quanto possono essere facilmente e rapidamente disinfettati.

Lo sapevate che un tecnico di rimuovere la pelle morta fuori dei vostri piedi con un rasoio è illegale in molti stati? It surely has not stopped the practice! Demand that your feet are treated with a pumice stone, file or scrub instead. If you need further work done on the stubborn calluses, o se si dispone di più le condizioni, come suole cracking, calli, e duroni, seek the help of a podiatrist. Do not allow a salon tech to do this job.

Per me, I have found that I can get a better pedicure at home. You can either do it yourself, or make it a fun time and have one or several friends get together for a spa treatment time and help one another. This is much more relaxing than worrying about what is lurking at the local foot parlor, e può essere un buon momento per recuperare il pettegolezzo corrente e trascorrere del tempo con i buoni amici.

Da dove iniziare?

  1. Inizia la tua auto pedicure da clipping le unghie e togliere il vecchio polacco. Do not just polish over the old lacquer, as many people seem to do. It is important that you remove it, so that you can make sure that your nails are in healthy condition.
  2. Use a Pumice Sponge to take off the dead skin and stubborn calluses.
  3. Now is the time to soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes with Footbath Salts, and then exfoliate them with Foot Pealing Cream. You can do this on your feet, heals and also your legs and ankles. After this rinse thoroughly.
  4. Push back your cuticles using a manicure stick. Do this very gently so as not to tear the skin. Then use the stick to clean under your toenails.
  5. Put a crema rilassante on feet and legs. Then clean the nail bed with polish remover. If you have problems with diabetes, apply Akildia per piede diabetico. This can help to avoid foot problems.
  6. Se le unghie sono fragili, apply a nail strengthener. Then apply a base coat, Protezione Base Coat, a color enamel of your choice and Trasparente e brillante Top Coat. Wait at least 20 minutes for the toenails to dry. This is the time when you can set back and relax. If you are alone, fare quella telefonata ad un amico che non hai avuto il tempo di fare, o se si condivide il tempo con gli amici, Ora è il tempo per chiacchierare.
  7. Have special tools for the use of your feet. Even if you own your own tools, they need to be sanitized after each use. Soak the metal tools in rubbing alcohol for 25 minuti e poi chiuderli in un sacchetto di plastica.

I hope that this is helpful for you. My line of nail products can help with maintaining your feet. Check out the weekly special. in mean while you can read 3 essenziali anti-invecchiamento estate per una pelle bella

essere socievole, Condividere!

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