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How To Prevent Chafing During Sports

You need to take care of yourself to prevent chafing during sports or other activities, especially in the summer.  If you live in a hot climate, you don’t have to be running a marathon to cause chafing. Even short runs can produce a large amount to perspiration and chafing can result.

Cause of Chafing:

Chafing is the result of repeated motion – especially, skin rubbing against skin or the friction caused by contact with fabric against the skin.  Chafing often happens along the bra line (women), nipples (men), inner thighs, feet and under the arms. Dampness, from sweat or rain, can make chafing worse.  It can also be caused by a bra that does not fit correctly.

Prevention of Chafing:

Remember, you want to prevent chafing!  Before runs or when you are going to be outside working up a sweat, spread a thin layer of Sports Nok Anti-Chafing Cream on vulnerable areas.

Choose your clothing carefully. Wear the correct attire made of synthetic materials such as Cool Max that wick moisture away.  Although we used to be told to wear cotton in the heat, don’t!  Once cotton clothing gets wet, it stays wet.  Also, cotton is a rough against the skin. If it is rubbing against your skin, it can wear your skin raw. That is not what you want! You want to prevent chafing.

For women, make sure you’re wearing a synthetic sports bra with smooth seams.  For men, wear a shirt that fits tight to your skin.  A cotton shirt rubbing against your nipples can cause them to become very sore and even cause them to bleed.

Sweating of your feet can also cause chafing. To prevent chafing, use a special foot antiperspirant, like Sports Stop.  This is a powerful gel that can cure sweaty feet and prevent foot odor. It is very valuable in sport or exercise situations to avoid over-heating of the soles.  It can help you to prevent chafing of your feet. It is dangerous to completely stop the secretion of sweat. The problem is excess perspiration. Sports Stop controls and regulates, so you will perspire less preventing bad odor and protects from microbe and fungal attack.

If you’re going on a long distance race such as a marathon, you should realize that chafing is very possible, even though you have never experienced it before. Make sure and use Sports Nok or another lubricant. Start using Sports Nok 20 days before an event. Apply it to the areas prone to chafing (feet, under arms, groin area, bra area, etc). Wear appropriate clothes and gear that you have already worn. Don’t get a new bra or shoes just for this race!  You want your apparel to be broke in to help to prevent chafing!

Proper hydration is very important to prevent chafing and over heating. Make sure you follow the proper steps to stay hydrated during your runs.

Since chafing can be caused by loose clothing, wear running clothes that are snug. Some runners prefer to wear spandex bike shorts to prevent chafing between their legs. Although this sounds hot, it is much better.  As already mentioned, a tight fitting synthetic shirt is also helpful to prevent chafing.

Treatment for Chafing:

If you have a bit of chafing after all your efforts, just put A+D ointment on the chafed areas– it should clear up in about a day.  Hopefully you have taken the correct preventative measures, so that you have not rubbed yourself raw. The key word is prevent! You want to prevent chafing.  And now, have a good run!

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