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Pros and Cons of Buying Domain Names from Auctions

Expiring domains as well as expired domains can often be found in auctions. Some of these domain names are put up for auction by their owners and some are automatically put on public sale when they are not renewed. But should you even consider buying domain names from auction sites? Before you do so, you should first consider the pros and cons of buying domain names from auctions.

Domain Prices in Auctions

The prices of domain name in auctions sites can vary. You can get domain names for as low as $5 and there are also those that are worth thousands of dollars. Those that are priced low are the ones that have been totally abandoned by their owners. The high-priced domains, on the other hand, were consciously put on the auction by webmasters who no longer want to continue with their websites.

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Advantages of Getting Domain Names from Auction Sites

There are many advantages to getting domain names from auction sites. If you really spend time going through all the available names, you will find that there are those that can be bought for as low as $5 or even $2. So you are already saving some money by getting an old domain name.

If a site’s age is important to you, then auction websites are also good sources for aged domains. In fact, you can find old domain names that date back for 10 years. Now this is important for some Internet Marketers as the domain age also has an important role in ranking on the search engines. Old sites appear to be more credible than new sites since they have been on the cyber space for a longer time. And looking at the age of a site also gives it some kind of authority as it has already lasted for many years.

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And here’s the good part. Ever so often, you will chance upon a domain name that already carries a high Page Rank. Sometimes, the Page Rank stays with the old domain, so you will basically be using a domain name that already has a high rank in the search engines. Now all you have to do is work on it to make sure that your website’s page rank is kept at its current ranking or even improve over time.

Disadvantages of Buying Domains from Auctions

Not all domain names are priced low in auction sites. As a matter of fact, the price of a particular domain can increase tremendously when the bidding gets intense. It is not uncommon to find expired domain names that have bad records too; so getting these could mean setting up problematic websites.

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Is it a Good Idea to Buy Domain Names from Auction sites?

As you can see, there are pros and cons to getting a domain name from an auction site. But this has been an ongoing trend as some find the method profitable and useful. Domain registrants like and actually have an area in their websites for domain name auctions; and you simply need to get a membership to be able to look at the available domains and bid on them.

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