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Recovery Tips After Panda and Penguin

Did you have a bad experience with the Panda and Penguin updates? If you did, know that you’re not the only one affected by the updates in algorithms. A lot of Internet Marketers lost their source of income because of those 2 animals that seem to wreck havoc on the Internet.

It can take a while before you can recover from the negative effects of these updates in algorithm, but you can perform some damage control with the hopes of gaining back what you previously had as far as your search engine ranking and credibility is concerned. However, you need to perform diligent research as well as a thorough site analysis in order for you to carry out this task successfully.

Are You Guilty of Low Quality Content?

Both hate low quality content, so it would be advisable to go through your site’s content to see where you could have possibly gone wrong. If you have been working on your website for many years, you might see that your earlier posts are actually irrelevant now, or maybe even poorly written. By removing such content from your site, you will have a better chance of recovering your previous ranking the next time the search engine bots visit your web pages.

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What About Duplicate Content?

Search engines really hate duplicate content; so remove these too, if you have any. All your articles need to be 100 percent unique so as not to bring any negative connotation on your site’s credibility. But totally copied materials are the ultimate culprits, and these can even result in plagiarism and copyright infringement charges.

Are You Spamming With Ads?

A circus-looking site is not really very inviting to visitors. Moreover, search engines look at the excessive use of ads as a form of spamming. So if you find that your sidebars and contents are full of advertisements, you can eliminate some of these and just keep a few, just the most useful ones as far as conversion is concerned.

Use Social Media Marketing

Social Media exposure is now one of the metrics that are used by search engines in gauging a site’s importance. If you are connected to social networking sites and even have your own account and fan pages, it will be an indication of your credibility as you have an online presence to show for.

Best Way to Maximize User Experience

Think about your audience first and foremost, so as to be able to come up with truly valuable content and presentation of your website. The types of sites that Panda and Penguin like are those that provide positive user experience consistently. So maintain your high standards and remove any negative aspects of your site that may be bringing it down; and hopefully, such actions can help you recover from the bad effects of the recent updates.

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