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Reasons Why Search Engines Hate Your Site

In order to be successful with your online endeavor, you have to make sure that the search engines love your website. If not, your posts and sites won’t rank; and people won’t be able to find it when they do their searches online. And as you can probably tell, no site visitors also mean zero earnings and conversions as well.

Do You Know Your Audience?

You should know who your potential customers are right from the very start of setting up your online business. This way, you will have an idea as to what people will be looking for when they go to your website. As your site visitors are coming to you with problems, you ought to have the resources to provide for their needs.

Proper Use of Keywords

Using keywords will get your posts noticed by the search engines. However, you should be able to incorporate keywords within your article frequently without sounding weird and annoying to your readers.

Too Many Keywords Can Confuse the Search Engines

Don’t fall into the trap of using too many keywords in one post. Related keywords are important and necessary, but targeting more than one primary search term can prove to be confusing for the search engines. This can dilute the effectiveness of your keywords; and it might cause your rankings to drop.Are Your Using Images on Your Posts?

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Are Your Using Images on Your Posts?

It’s great to put images on your posts as this enhances user experience. But search engines really can’t see the pictures, so this doesn’t add up to the overall usability of said images. However, if you use alt texts to describe the pictures within your article, not only will search engines “see” the image, but it can facilitate faster indexing too. Search engines just love images; that’s why!

Proper Use of Internal Links

Search engines love internal links as this shows proper structuring within your website. But that’s not all; since this can also encourage your readers to stay in your website longer, it will reduce your site’s overall bounce rate. Search engines interpret long stays as a sign of relevant content; and they will look at your website positively.

Broken Links

Search Engines just hate broken links. So if you have deleted certain pages on your website, make sure that you also unlink any anchor texts that are pointing to it. It also has a bad effect on user experience, so you really should be conscious about this problem.Duplicate Content is a No-No

Duplicate Content is a No-No

Expect search engines to really hate your site if you are catering to duplicate content. Aside from violating copyrights, search engines don’t like presenting their readers with the same content. The original article will still get full credit, and your site can get penalized for this too.

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