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SEO Audit of Your Website

Whether you’re running a website for your business or just for earning money, you want SEO Audit of your website and driving traffic towards your blog is quite important. In fact, without attracting sufficient traffic, you cannot accomplish your marketing or earning goals. In order to make the visitors come to your website, you have to use seo. However, that’s not all. You need to keep your website updated. There are always new seo techniques and methods that should be used in order to get the most out of your blog or website. If you’re not paying attention to rechecking your website for seo, you’re surely going to miss out a lot of visitors everyday. So carrying out an audit of your website is important to make sure you’re not losing a number of visitors.

There are various ways you can use in order to improve your website’s seo; however, one of the easiest way is making use of on-site changes. Although, high quality link building requires a lot of time, you just need a few hours for on-site tweaks. In order to start conducting your seo audit you should have a look at several factors. First of all, you should reckon whether your title tags are catchy for visitors and search engines or are they simple keyword stuffed.

If you’re marketing your brand or targeting a special keyword or niche, you should make sure your title tags contain them. You should also have a look at meta tag description to make sure it is attractive and keyword enriched. Furthermore, you should make sure that your blog or website contains 100% original content. Another important factor is subheadings, which should contain the targeted keywords. You should also check for internal links in your website content, so that visitors can easily flow through your website. Also check your website thoroughly to ensure that there are no broken links, because they can adversely affect your website.  Lastly, you should make sure that the images in every post are optimized.

Google has various rules and regulations for deciding the rank of a website. One of these rules is estimating the speed of a website. Experts think that Google ranks those websites high that have high speed. So while carry out an seo audit of your website, you should estimate the speed of your website. Check the average time the pages take to upload. In order to check the speed status of your website you can use Google’s page insight tool, which helps you figure out whether your website is slow, fast, or moderate.
These simple seo audit steps can help you improve your website’s ranking. So if you’re planning to rank higher on Google or other search engines, make sure to consider these simple steps. However, the results are still not guaranteed. If these steps don’t work for your website, you may consider hiring an seo expert who can better understand the real issues.  An seo audit can give you the best results if you have a strong know how of seo. If you’re novice in this field, the only option is to look for a good seo team.

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