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The Best Social Media and SEO Game Plan

Algorithm updates roll at least twice a year; but still, some Internet Marketers never learn their lesson. In order to prepare for upcoming updates, one should have a ready plan so as to remain standing even after an algorithm is implemented. While it’s true that the basic principles in SEO include the use of keywords, good content, and high quality backlinks, the role of social media has also come into the picture. Without all these components, your website will have a slim chance of surviving another Panda or Penguin attack.

Keywords with High Search Volume

Looking for keywords that have high search volumes will greatly influence your Internet Marketing success. That’s why this part of the research process should never be neglected as using keywords that really don’t get searched will basically bring in zero income. But with the right keywords used on your main site and sub pages, search engines will be able to pick up on your chosen terms more effectively.

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Build a Strong Internal Link Structure

All your sub pages need to be linked together so that it can have a solid structure in the eyes of the search engines. This method will also make it easier for your site visitors to navigate your site, so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

You Need Quality Backlinks

If you can control the type of backlinks that are pointing to your site, it would be better to go for quality backlinks instead of quantity backlinks. However, it would look more natural if you have a combination of different types of backlinks coming from different sources and directions. And the anchor texts used also need to be diversified and comprised of both relevant and not so relevant terms.

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Social Media

Make sure that you have Facebook and Twitter accounts tied up to your website as this will expose your online business to a wider audience. You can encourage people to become fans of your Facebook page by offering them freebies like e-books, short reports, etc. Having a Twitter button on your web pages will also encourage your regular readers to follow you on Twitter too

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Social Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking the main page of your site as well as the sub pages will form as backlinks. Furthermore, this will also increase your website traffic as millions of users are registered in these kinds of sites.

Using Press Releases for Marketing and Traffic

Regular press releases can be considered as a form of marketing campaign. But since you will also link to your home page and its sub pages, you will also be building up links. By employing this strategy, you are making your website more accessible to people so that your site’s traffic can increase too.

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