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5 Ways to Take Years Off The Body

Take years off the body.  Is your body showing your age? Not just laugh lines and crow’s feet give away your age. Thinning hair, veiny legs, and droopy boobs cause your body to speak out.  You can take years off the body, with some simple tricks.  Here are 5 smart ways to change the clock without having to spend a fortune. Way 1)  Sun-Damaged Skin  Freckles were cute when you were a kid, but they were really early signs of sun damage.  So are broken capillaries around your nose and cheeks, wrinkles…

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Look Years Younger As You Age Beauty Science & Health 

Look Years Younger As You Age

Getting enough rest is very important. The skin shows it, when we are over tired. Figure out how much sleep your body needs, and make sure that you do not deprive yourself of rest. If you are short of time, you can actually make up your deficit by spending extra time sleeping. This is important! Sleeping on a neck roll can really help to prevent marks on your face in the morning. These marks may go away during the day, but they do cause damage to the skin over time. …

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