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The Bad Effects of Server Downtime

If you are running an Internet business, experiencing server downtime can be one of the biggest nightmares that you’d want to avoid. This is definitely bad for business as you can lose hundreds and even thousands of money for just a few hours of downtime. That, of course, will depend on the type of online business that you are running.

What Happens During Downtime?

Your visitors will not be able to access your website when it’s down. And for first time visitors, this is a big turn off as they will think that your website is non-existent. So they will either remember your site as something that they shouldn’t go back to, or simply note it as a useless source of information. What a bad first impression! And this type of thing has a long term effect on your business too, since all those visitors can be considered gone forever.

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Why It Happens

There are several reasons why servers can be down for some time. If they can’t handle the load of hosting all their clients, they will need to shut down some of their facilities to cope up with the problem. That’s why choosing a hosting provider is really crucial when making a website, as ending up with a company that can’t provide for a limited bandwidth can indeed result in a lot of downtime problems.

Maintenance can also be a reason for downtime; and this is alright if it doesn’t happen too frequently. And more often than not, maintenance procedures are done on schedule and at a time when there’s generally low traffic. Responsible hosting companies inform their clients of scheduled maintenance to help avoid inconveniences.

The Bad Effects of Downtime to Businesses

You will definitely lose money during downtime in your servers. Just think about this; if your site is earning $1,000 per day, you will basically be losing that money if your site is down for a whole day. Customers will not be able to find you; and they will go to your competitors instead.

You yourself won’t even be able to access your site too, so you can’t post new contents on your web pages. And this is really bad for SEO as fresh contents have a good effect on ranking on the search engines. Your site will even have a high bounce rate when it’s down, so that will be taken in account too when evaluating the quality of your content.

What to Do

A good hosting company can offer 99% uptime to their customers and clients. If you think you’ve chosen the wrong hosting account for your business, it would be practical to just transfer to another host. Note that your business success will greatly depend on the efficiency of your host’s servers, and poor performance can cause your business to fail. Since you are into Internet Marketing to earn money, you should exert all efforts to reach your goals as smoothly and trouble-free as possible. Choose a good hosting company and you will seldom experience any downtime.

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