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The Ten Giants of Social Networks

This article focuses on the top ten most popular social networking sites The Ten Giants of Social Networks
with an aim to showcase the large business opportunities for available on social media. Each site is described in terms of the number of users, the site’s major purpose, where it is mostly used, the founders, the features available, and the languages it is available in. Unique features on some Social networks are also emphasized, for instance, You Tube. As we will see Facebook is the most popular with millions of users. As a business person, it would be wise to look out for what facebook has to offer your business. The article showcases the large markets provided by social media, which is increasingly becoming a force to reckon with. Knowing what site is popular where also helps the business person know which social networking sites to incorporate into their businesses, which is a gain, without a doubt.


This has become the most popular social networking site. Users send out requests which helps them connect with people they already know, or even new people. IT was set up in 2004, by a student in university. There are millions of users daily. In terms of marketing, this site is just perfect because of its large base users which means more audience for your product and more potential buyers all over the world.


Users are able to send each other private messages and receive them on cell phone. The users also post tweets. The people who follow them can re-tweet or comment on the tweets. This tool can be used to market items. Most book authors are fond of tweeting quotes from their books to create awareness of its existence.


This is a site for professionals with more than 35 million users. It helps in connecting employees with prospective employers. This is a perfect tool if you’re in business for its main purpose is for professional networking. A member can establish connections to a fellow member and non member. Endorsements of skills, products and even if one is seeking a job can be done using this tool thus making it a good source for marketing.


It allows users to upload videos, and watch others uploaded by others. The users create accounts with limited personal information. One can post videos of themselves, and other people can comment on them. In terms of marketing, it’s a good way of convincing people to purchase something. Uploading a product review by someone who has used a certain product and hearing the review could be very convincing. YouTube marketing is free and one can market 24 hours per day making it highly commendable for marketing products.


It is available in Spanish and other languages too. There are various activities that users can be involved in, for instance, sharing photos, playing games, creation of profiles, as well as posting messages. In business, Hi5 is a great way to market products especially to children 5 years and above which is the main target of Hi5. The site is colorful and full of songs and dance that can easily catch children’s attention.

Vive le Skyrock

It is popular in France, and was set up initially as a blog, Skyblog, by a radio station. It can be accessed in, English, Italian, German, and Portuguese as well as Spanish. Because it can be accessed by different nationalities, it’s easier to market products and services locally.


It opens doors for you to meet more new friends, globally. Friendster can be useful in marketing, it comes with a chat forum where you can market your products or services. The chat forum is like a goldmine where there are hundreds of users able to see what you’re posting in the chat room.

51. com

It was designed to cater Chinese people who lives in the US. It allows for the creation of profiles, writing of blogs, and uploading of photos. These features of the site allows marketing strategy just like Facebook easy. You can also upload pictures and showcase it to other users.


This is a site owned by Google, and is mostly used in Brazil. It is also used in India, and in parts of the US. Orkut provides free banner ads so it’s perfect for marketing purposes.


Users are able to post items of news, can blog, and update their statuses. It has become a virtual stage for upcoming artistes and businesses, which helps it compete with other networks, for instance, Facebook.

The world of social networks is rapidly expanding, and information on its trends and size is helpful for business people, artistes, or people who want to have an audience of some sorts. To read more on the basis of classification,

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