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The Ugly Truth About Website Traffic

Website traffic is of absolute importance when it comes to making money online. Without this, your business entity will just sit on the web, doing nothing, and not serving its purpose. And this is true whether your site is actually depending on income on the Internet, or if it’s simply an extension of your offline venture. That’s why knowing the proper ways to bring in traffic is always important as using the wrong methods can prove to be a waste of time.

Traffic Through RSS

There was a time when using RSS as the main source of traffic is not only effective but easy as well. But these days, this method is no longer as efficient. So while it’s still good to use this system, don’t expect too much from it. Actually, the way things are going on these days, you really shouldn’t expect that much from just one traffic source.

Social Media Traffic

Joining social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is indeed very popular with Internet Marketers. And it’s really essential to businesses too. However, don’t think that you can rely on this method completely as your sole source of traffic. The truth is, these social media entities can give you fluctuating results. One day there could be a boost in your traffic, and another day you could only have a minimal amount of traffic. Other Factors That Can Influence Website Traffic As these platforms are mainly dependent on the sharing factor, it would help if you always provide your network with fresh content and information that they can “like,” “share,” and “re-tweet.”

Other Factors That Can Influence Website Traffic

As the saying goes in Internet Marketing, “Content is King.” And if you want a steady source of traffic, you should really focus on your content. No one would like to share useless information on their social network, so aim to be good at producing high quality content all the time. This will often determine the amount of traffic that your site gets.

Email Marketing

Email marketing through newsletters is still very effective today, as long as you know how to use it properly. If you are not spamming your subscribers, there’s a big chance that they will receive your emails with open arms and even show interest to the products and services that you are promoting.

Organic Search Engine Traffic

In spite of the popularity of social media, most people are still doing their searches through search engines. Yes, there are those who are searching for information within a social media network itself, but these are often the savvy and techie ones who know their way in the World Wide Web. But then, a majority of online browsers are ordinary people, and they still search for their online needs through old fashioned search engine queries. That’s why you should still aim to have high rankings in the search engines as this will undoubtedly be your best source of traffic for all time.

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