May 29, 2022

Why Chines troops playing punjabi song at LAC

Why Chines troops playing Punjabi song at LAC

Amid of tension between India and china, People Liberation Army tried everything to win against India, they could.
As we heard there is rise of tension day by day between Indian and Chinese, due to unwanted activity by Chinese troops near LAC.
Reason of this growing tension is clash in Galwan vally and Pangong lake region and also the ban of unwanted mobile app by Indian govt (regarding concern). So in this article we are seeing the Why Chines troops playing Punjabi song at LAC

China is aware of that they could not convebtional war against Indian Army in highest peak(battle-ground) region (Ladaakh) of the world.
So they used Propoganda, Hybrid war, false stories and fact and psychological warfare tactics.
Below are some tactics PLA had used in the past so far to win against.

1) Propaganda warfare Tactics :

In this tactics they used realsee new videos of how there Army used to do training, CLips of Fighter plane, Missiles etc.
Just to show they have number advantage over the indain army.
They also released some videos regarding hwo their army used the modern instrumnet and warfare system.

2) Hybrid war :

As they are aware of they can win against indain army on the worlds top battle ground (Laddakh region) in conventional war.
So they try to use and manupulate the Indias neighbour countries against India. So then India has to fight two or three
front war.

3) False stories and fact :

They spread False fact and stories on the social media platform.
eg : Indain army cant survive in fight in winter etc.

How their J20 is way better than anu other fighter plane in the world. Recently they shared the news from their front line news media.

That how J20 is capable of shot down of Indian Rafael and Indian Sukhoi. How they did source is unknown.

J20 VS Rafale

4) Psychological warfare tactics :

Now recently we have heard about the Chines playing punjabi song as Chinese troop used speaker to play Punjabi songs. This is their Psychological tactics they thought
they could down the moral of our Indian soldiers.
Same tactics they used in 1962 war and then later as well.
Playing the music on LAC border could have two possibilities.
1) They try to make tense atmosphere of LAC is Playful of fun going (which is very hard to believe)
2) They can attack after stabilizing trust, like they are friends now and sudden attack. What they did in Past 1962.

Chinese soldiers have put up loudspeakers playing out Punjabi numbers near the Finger 4 area at the Line of Actual Control.
Still it doesnt bother indian army as they have already prepared for evrything, good and bad from PLA.