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Why we Start Earth Day?


Earth Day April 22.

Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin believed that we have only one earth so we need to take care of her.
Gaylord Nelson was the first person to raise that issue the importance of the environment of earth so from that point on April 22, 1970, Gaylord Nelson celebrate the first Earth day. An estimated 20 million people nationwide attended event that day. Earth Day is celebrated in more than 193 countries a cross the world.

We are usually unintentionally harmed our environment that effect in climate change, moreover the world climate are changing the countries that are cold like Canada, America, consequently decreasing temperature and countries that are hot increasing temperature.


How we are harming our climate.

Cars, biotic Processes, Cutting forests, Prolific burning of fossil fuels resulting in global climate change that all are harm our environment from that aspects we are harming environment.

How we can celebrate Earth day / Protecting Our Planet

We can do Yoga Outdoors, Recycle things not only recycling but Invest In a reusable things like, A Reusable Coffee Cup. Planting, plants around us, plants exile oxygen that are helping in climate.

Be A Vegetarian For A Day And if you really can’t go without meat for a whole day, at least commit to having one of your meals today be a vegetarian meal.


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